What have you been up-to this week?

Now is an ideal time to try something new.

Lee, our Tai Chi Qui Gong instructor, recommends this video It is an excellent exercise to calm the mind and optimize a healthy mind-body connection.  A calm mind and healthy body is needed now more than ever. If you are just curious about T’ai Chi or looking for something to enhance the quality of your days in a time of social distancing, this is worth a try. Questions? Please let Elaine know by sending her an email.

The Whatcom County Library System and Bellingham Public Libraries have an wonderful, free collection of audio books and digital books available for download. Access their collections here and here. First time user guides are available for download or give Eric at BSAC a call (360)733-4030 ext 1035 and he can help too.

Are you missing TED Talks for discussion? Interested in learning about something new? This month’s selection focuses on Artificial Intelligence. There are two talks linked below. Call a friend and discuss the talks or you can join in the conversation by visiting us on Facebook.

The Incredible Inventions of Artificial Intelligence and

Can we build AI without loosing control of it?