Award-Winning Documentary Comes to Pickford Film Center on Valentines Day, February 14

Senior Speed Dating Event to follow on March 9


Speed dating for the booming 70+ generation has become a growing trend across the country thanks to The Age of Love, a groundbreaking documentary that The Huffington Post calls, “a touching and funny look into the lives of seniors who just want to find love.”

Pickford Film Center is offering a public screening of the film at 10:30 am on February 14 – 1318 Bay St. Tickets are $10. Limited seating, to purchase tickets in advance, call (360) 733-4030 or click here to purchase online.

The film intimately follows the playful and poignant adventures of thirty Rochester, NY seniors who sign up for a first-of its-kind speed dating event for 70- to 90-year-olds. Fearlessly candid as they take stock of life-worn bodies yet still-hopeful hearts, they soon discover how the search for love changes—or doesn’t change—from first love to the far reaches of life.

Winner of NYC’s Paley Center Doc Competition and awarded a Fledgling Fund grant for its “potential to change American culture,” The Age of Love takes aim at ageist stereotypes and taboos, opening eyes of all generations with an unexpected story of emotional growth and new beginnings regardless of age.

All are invited to the screening of the film and adults 60 and over are invited to the Senior Speed Dating (or friendship/companionship) Event on March 9.

Bellingham’s very first speed dating event for older adults offers a new way to break down boundaries and reach out to new people, allowing older adults connection and empowerment. Whether it’s to meet new friends, to find someone to share a meal or a movie or a conversation, or to find a romantic partner, it’s an opportunity to connect that’s rarely offered in our society for this age group. This event focuses on the hearts and emotions of older adults, a topic that often falls secondary to other concerns of aging but is vitally important for wellbeing.

Register at the Bellingham Senior Activity Center, 315 Halleck Street, or call (360) 733-4030 x1035.


Eric Pierson, BSAC Program Coordinator, (360) 733-4030 x1035, [email protected]



“Full of vulnerability and frankness from a demographic whose experiences usually go untold.”  The Huffington Post

 “Honest, occasionally hilarious…and emotionally moving. Like its subjects, it deserves to have audiences fall in love with it.”  Erich Van Dussen, Gatehouse Media Syndicate

 “Eye-opening, thought-provoking…poignant and humorous, no question, “The Age of Love” is a ground-breaking film.”  Brenda Lind, AARP

“Transformational…this film humanizes aging in an unprecedented way.” Kavan Peterson,


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