Was your car stuck in your driveway last week during what seems to be becoming Whatcom’s annual holiday snowpocalypse? If you were out on the roads last Tuesday through Friday, chances are that you were driving a Subaru.

Subaru Outback

Our Meals on Wheels vans (not Subies), which couldn’t handle the snow and ice, were planted in the BSAC parking lot for days, while our 50th Anniversary Subaru Outback was in high demand. Understandably, due to the road conditions, some Meals on Wheels drivers were not able to deliver meals last week. Others, like volunteer Meals on Wheels drivers and Subaru owners, Glenn and Jill, were able to safely deliver their route.

I usually spend much of my workdays in front of the computer, but as the owner of a Subaru Outback, I knew that my car could go where many other vehicles couldn’t, and that homebound seniors throughout the county were depending on us to deliver their meals. From the hills of Sehome and Fairhaven, to Birch Bay, Everson, and Lynden; from I-5, to Hannegan, to side streets, to unplowed mobile home parks, my Subie navigated the white stuff like a champ.

If you aren’t singing the praises of your vehicle’s ability to handle winter road conditions, now is a great time to purchase or lease a new Subaru from our friends at Dewey Griffin Subaru, as there are still a couple days left in the 2022-23 Subaru Share the Love Event.

When you purchase or lease a new Subaru through January 3rd, Subaru of America and Dewey Griffin Subaru will donate $300 to your choice of four national charities, including Meals on Wheels America, or to the Whatcom Council on Aging’s Meals on Wheels and More program, the dealership’s hometown charity. Over the past 10+ our partnership with Dewey Griffin Subaru for the Subaru Share the Love Event has helped Meals on Wheels and More provide more than 50,000 nutritious meals to local seniors. Thanks to the Subaru Share the Love® Event, Meals on Wheels programs throughout the country have delivered nearly 4 million meals and friendly visits to seniors facing hunger and isolation.

I was really happy to be driving a Subie during our recent winter weather, and I am even more appreciative of more than a decade of partnership with Dewey Griffin Subaru.  Subaru really does love to help!

Happy New Year!

Julie Meyers

Meals on Wheels and More Director