Dear Friend of BSAC,

I walked into the BSAC last week after being gone for four months.  Wow, did I have a surprise.  The main lobby area looked like a modern art museum.  One simple painting on the main wall, new furniture and curtains, and pots of fresh flowers. Everything was bright, simple, and airy– it felt good to be there.  I checked in with my membership card, using the card reader that flashes with everything that’s going on that day at the Center.

Walking in from the parking lot, I ran into an old friend. She said with delight that she had just finished her tap-dancing session.  And she mentioned her heart condition.  What astonished me was a person who, after two heart surgeries, goes tap-dancing twice a week.  This is not your grandmother’s attitude about exercise.

Speaking of which, another delightful sight was the gym. It is larger now, with more equipment in a much more spacious area.  We also have trained volunteer docents available to help in the strength training gym.

When I joined the Bellingham Senior Activity Center about ten years ago, it was nothing like it is now.   Then, it was what you might expect from a senior center – a bit frumpy and dumpy.   It sure isn’t that now.  The place is jumping with activities.  (To get an overview of them check out the monthly newsletter.  Copies are available at the check-in desk and the main desk, and can also be mailed to you.)  Great Books discussion, two writing groups, all kinds of fitness classes, yoga, massage therapy, foot care, play reading, various card games, quilting and rug hooking, painting, woodcarving, Spanish conversation —  Whew!  Shall I go on?   Country dancing, singing, hiking, blood pressure checkups, guitar workshops, computer help, TED talks, a men’s group, and a pool room!   It just doesn’t quit – I know it’s a cliché, but there’s something there for everyone.

This is a place I want to support with both my energies and my money, as much as I can spare.   And I hope you will, too.  There are many hidden expenses involved in keeping our center running smoothly; things we don’t think about unless they are missing. We are so thankful for the support of our member base, and in order for 2020 to be another banner year, we look to you to help make our goals a reality by participating in our annual support drive. Not sure how you can make a difference?  Why not…

  • Double down. It’s almost 2020. Give twice as much this year.
  • Support our scholarship fund to quietly and respectfully buy memberships for those who can’t cover the annual tab. $500 provides 10 memberships for seniors in need.
  • You know how valuable we are in so many people’s lives. Your gift matters at any size.

Thanks to an anonymous donor all new or increased gifts will be matched up to $2500!

You too can support the Bellingham Senior Activity Center! Donations are accepted at the Front Desk, on our website, or over the phone at (360) 733-4030.