Meals and Wheels Frozen Meals Menu


Whatcom County Meals on Wheels participants have the opportunity to choose from a menu of over 30 different frozen meals that were prepared specifically for seniors.  Meals are delivered with whole grain bread and 2% milk.

Current Meals on Wheels participants may either give their completed weekly menu to their driver or call the order in to the Meals on Wheels and More Office.  

To place your meals order, call 360-746-6480. Please clearly state your name and your route number (printed on the menu label). Leave your order of up to 7 meals per person per week by stating the quantity of each meal number you would like.  For example, “I would like two of number 7, one of number 17”, etc).




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Point Roberts Senior Center

1487 Gulf Rd
Point Roberts, WA 98281

Phone Number & Website



Washington Square

2501 E Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

Phone Number & Website

Meal Days & Hours

Mon, Wed, Friday, 12:00pm (Meals for residents only)

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