Upcoming Events


Each Friday in May, 3:30-4:15pm

Join us for a game of Jeopardy. The game will be setup like the familiar game show with 5 categories, each category having 5 questions for a total of 25. Participants will be split into two teams and the game will last about 45 minutes.
Feel free to share this with friends and family to join too! You do not have to participate to join, spectators are welcome.

Introduction to Longevity Stick

Thursday, May 20th at 9:30am

The “Longevity Stick” regime incorporates a series of 12 movements designed to improve balance, flexibility, strength, mental focus, breathing capacity, and vitality. This activity is a low-impact exercise done while standing, using a long, one-inch diameter dowel (or stick) that reduces the risk of injury while improving circulation and balance. If you want to try the movements, we ask that you wear loose clothing and athletic shoes, and have water handy.

Note about the stick:
We recommend a one inch wooden dowel your height or a bit longer. Get rubber crutch tips to put on the ends to prevent slipping. Windsor Plywood on Iowa Street is a good place to buy dowels. Hardware Sales on James for rubber crutch tips. 

You can also use an adjustable rod like a shower curtain rod or painter’s extension. More information on these options here:

Mindfulness Meditation Group

Have you wanted to try meditation, but aren’t sure where to start? Have you practiced mediation before, and want to join others for guidance and support? Have you noticed the increased popularity of practicing meditation, and want to see what it’s about?
Here is an opportunity to join a drop-in mindfulness meditation group, facilitated by BSAC member Judith, a longtime meditator who has also completed the Mindfulness Teacher Training Program (MTTP) through Mindfulness Northwest. While recent research has highlighted many benefits of meditation, Judith reminds us to “let the practice do the teaching” and encourages all levels from first-timers to daily practitioners to join.

We have two initial meetings set up, and will be getting feedback from participants as to how best to continue the sessions, whether it is weekly, bi-weekly or otherwise. If you are not able to join the initial meetings, feel free to contact Eric at epierson@whatcomcoa.org to give your feedback.

BSAC Virtual Programs

We have shifted some onsite programs to virtual ones so that you can participate at home. We are looking for creative ways to stay connected and offer programs you enjoy. Remember, social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation. Currently, all of our virtual programs are open to all, regardless of age or BSAC membership, so join us!

Details on each program and links to join are included in the weekly email update.

Sign-up for our weekly email newsletter for updates and more information, and follow us on Facebook for discussion and other ways to interact.

Getting Started with Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing program for the computer that will allow you to connect with 1 to 500 people at a time. You can use it for personal video calls, attending classes and meetings, making voice calls and more, and it works on computers, tablets, and smartphones almost automatically!

Details and Links to each Virtual Program will be included in the email sent from the Bellingham Senior Activity Center each Friday afternoon. Check your junk mail, promotions folder in gmail, or search your email for “BSAC” if you do not see the email in your inbox.

For questions or assistance, email BSAC Program Coordinator, Eric Pierson at epierson@whatcomcoa.org or call (360) 733-4030 x1035