Welcome to BSAC’s Tour Program. Our goal is to find trips and tours for our senior community. We work with independent licensed travel companies to coordinate trips that stimulate, entertain, and take the work away from you, the traveler, so you can enjoy your getaway adventure. BSAC offers day trips and extended trips within the United States and internationally. Perhaps the most significant note is by signing up through the BSAC for your trip, you support the BSAC financially through commissions by our designated Tour Operators. In addition, you do not need to be a member of the BSAC to take advantage of these trips. When you sign up through the BSAC you get the following:

  • One-on-one consultation with our Tours Coordinator. She is here to answer any questions, and ease any concerns you may have. She is also your first point of contact when you want to sign up for any trip.
  • Trips operated by licensed travel companies. Many of these companies have been working with the BSAC for 10 years or more and have proven to be the “best in the business”.
  • A dedicated “Tour Director” who manages the trip. They are passionate and work with the guests to ensure a wonderful guided travel experience.
  • Relaxation. Let the Tour Operator worry about transportation, hotel and many of your meals. You simply show up for your planned daily activities.
  • Meeting fellow senior travelers from Bellingham and throughout the country. Meet local travelers, but you can also meet other seniors from all parts of the country when you take an “extended travel” opportunity.
  • Giving back to our “senior community”. The commissions BSAC receives through our Tour Operators help fund the program to ensure its expansion and longevity.

Are you ready to experience what the BSAC Travel Program has to offer?

I am interested in traveling, where do I begin?

First things first, its great you want to travel more. In addition, you do not need to be a member of the BSAC to support this program and take advantage of all it has to offer. Come see the Tour Coordinator and she can discuss with you what you are looking for and see if any of our Tour Operators have what you want. There are Travel Bulletin Boards located in the BSAC building with upcoming trips as well as trips listed in our monthly BSAC Connection. You may also want to sign up for the “TravelNews” Newsletter. This monthly publication will come to you by email and will be an extensive listing of upcoming trips as well as important deadlines and information for the traveler. To sign up send an email to:


Sign up for a more comprehensive travel newsletter. This monthly publication will come by email and have information for the senior traveler. Trips, events, important deadlines and travel information pertaining to you, the senior traveler. Email to sign up.

How to Sign Up for Tours

BSAC’s Tour Coordinator is available Monday-Friday, 10:00am-2:00pm for registration. Each Tour Operator has a dedicated payment process that BSAC will assist you with. You can drop by or schedule an appointment by calling (360) 746-3457 or emailing me at

What Tour Operators do you use?

Currently our day trips are coordinated through “Bellair Tours and Adventures”. Our extended trips are through “Premier World Discovery” and “Friendly Excursions”. This list is becoming more extensive as we search for other Tour Operators that can fulfill our guidelines. Be assured, no Tour Operator will be available to our seniors that we do not trust.

“I took my first rip with the BSAC Tour Program and was pleasantly surprised. My trip was with Premier World Discovery and they did an excellent job. Each moment was filled with information, history or entertainment. They even had suggestions of what to do during your downtime. The Tour Director was engaging, professional and organized. The best part though was the friendships I made with other travelers from other parts of the country. This will not be my last trip with the BSAC Tour Program.”

– Ruben



Great Trains and Grand Canyons
June 2 or October 6

San Antonio Getaway
May 5

America’s Historic East
September 28

Fall Colors/Lighthouses-Great Lakes
October 3


Scotland & Northern Ireland
October 14

Four Country Danube & Black Sea River Cruise
October 19

Discover Dubai
October 21

October 24

Venice and Italian Lakes
November 5

Best of China
November 6


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